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PP halogen-free flame retardant FR-PP NP can pass UL94 5VA test!

Update time:2016-11-25 22:46:41Click times:1446

       Recentlyour PP halogen-free intumescent flame retardant FR-PP NP can reach UL94 5VA in modified PP! It opens up a new field of flame retarded PP,and also is the highest level of flame retarded PP.


In UL94 test, 5VA is the highest grade of FR test. Bar and plaque specimens are tested at the same time, and the flame intensity is 500W which is different than 50W in the UL94 V grade test. The details of test information is listed below.






Bar speicimen(125 ± 5) × (50 ± 0,2) × thicknessgeneral 3mmmax13

Plaque specimen(150± 5) × (150 ± 0,2) × thicknessgeneral 3mmmax13

Relative test method

UL94; ASTM D5048; ISO10351

After flame time plus afterglow time after fifth flame application for each individual bar specimen



Cotton indicator ignited by flaming particles or drops from any bar specimen



Burn-through(hole) of any plaque specimen