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PET fiber halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch!

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       Recently, we has successfully researched a new halogen-free flame retardant masterbatch, and successfully used in PET spinning products, which can make the selfextinguish time below 3s.
      The new flame-retardant masterbatch is made by many kinds of organic phosphorus-based flame retardants. As it has moderate melting point, it can be fully melted but decomposing during PET processing temperature, which ensures  non-blocking and precipitation in the processing. Data sheet as follows:

 items units   FR/MB-PET
 appearance  --  nature granule
 FR content  %  50 min
 density  g/cm3  1.2-1.4
 moisture     %      0.5 max


 example  dosage%  flammability
 PET fibers  5-6

 self-extinguishing times: 3s

 PET wigs  8-10  self-extinguishing times: 3s