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Stahl acquires the Eagle Performance Products business.

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Waalwijk, the Netherlands, November 20, 2016 – Chemical company Stahl, headquartered in the Netherlands, announced today that it has acquired the Eagle Performance Products business. The acquisition of Eagle Performance Products business adds technology and product diversification to Stahl’s extensive product portfolio of process chemicals for leather products, performance coatings and polymer dispersions. This is important in Stahl’s key market segments, such as Automotive, Aeronautics and Home Interior. The addition of water-based flame retardants opens up endless opportunities for both technical textiles and leather products. Moreover, it also enables Stahl to explore new market segments including hotels and cinemas. 

Thanks to this acquisition, Stahl is able to offer its clients all over the world top-notch performance coating solutions, which can meet rigorous flame retardant standards when needed. “We have been cooperating closely with Eagle Performance Products for many years. As the synergy advantages are numerous, we have decided the time was right to combine our forces,” said Huub van Beijeren, CEO of Stahl. “With the acquisition of Eagle Performance Products business we will expand our product coverage, innovation power and sustainability expertise in the field of flame retardant technology. This enables us to respond even better to our clients’ needs.”

Eagle Performance Products, established in 1974, has been specializing in flame retardant technologies since its founding. The company further developed additional specialized products that meet the highest performance standards. These products are designed to meet the environmental profile of an evolving world in the years to come. In the past 40 years, Eagle has focused on the North American market – where all its facilities are located – and only randomly ventured outside the NAFTA region.

From now on, the application of the Eagle flame retardant technology will be extended to a global scale. “Today marks the beginning of a new era for Eagle Performance Products,” commented John Friddle, CEO of Eagle Performance. “Stahl offers us the opportunity to grow beyond North America. In my new global role as Business Manager - Eagle Flame Retardants of Stahl, I am excited at the opportunity to elevate Eagle to the next level together with Stahl. We have formed a powerful team combing Eagle’s loyal employees and our new Stahl colleagues.” 


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